Lip Balm - All Flavours (4 Pack)


Our fat lips range is designed to be extra nourishing and moisturising to lips, using only natural ingredients. We have gone back to basics, using a few simple ingredients of only the best quality. The oils of almond, avocado and apricot are chosen specifically to be soothing and healing when used on inflamed, chapped and irritated skin, with a high content of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Beeswax has been used since ancient Egyptian times, it provides a protective layer and is a humectant which means it attracts water. It also contains vitamin A. The vitamin content, protective nature of beeswax and the natural emollient and humectant properties make it ideal for use on the lips. The lip balms are flavoured using essential oils chosen for the soothing and hydrating properties, and delicious flavours.

Our fat lips lip balms are in the extra large size of 12g so they are not easily lost and they last for longer. They are all lovingly handcrafted in small quality-controlled batches on our semi-rural property located just South of Fremantle.

Treat your skin… Naturally.

  • Flavours Included: 1x Lemon, 1x Spearmint, 1x Sweet Orange and 1x Aniseed.
  • Weight: 12g each


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